Full-service quantitative analysis and optimization research

Gauntlet Applied Research optimizes protocol incentives to ensure maximum impact, alignment, and long-term value creation. Gain a clearer understanding of the most efficient path for growth using insights from our research team and data platform.

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Extend treasury runway by targeting spend

Invest in the highest ROI initiatives

  • Incentive program design
  • Parameter optimization

Attract liquidity and mitigate program misuse

Understand what motivates users

  • User reward-response modeling
  • Program monitoring and alerts

Plan by understanding key growth levers

Credibly neutral quantitative analysis

  • Incentive impact dashboards
  • Value distribution analysis

Diverse applications

  • Layer 1 ecosystems
  • Rollups and sidechains
  • DEXs
  • Bridges
  • Yield protocols
  • Liquid staking
  • Perpetuals
  • Ecosystem incentives
  • Liquidity incentives
  • Developer rewards
  • Validator rewards

Gauntlet delivers

Rapid insights

Leverage our robust data platform for data ingestion, modeling, and simulation

Full lifecycle

Capabilities and project scopes addressing every stage of protocol development and operation

Broad expertise

Multi-disciplinary experience across the Gauntlet team to scale and evolve with protocol needs

Trusted by titans

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